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Edmonton’s Proven Vertical Blind Repair Service

Strings, blinds, brackets, and shades

Talk about beauty. Vertical blinds can add a truly aesthetic appeal to your home. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they allow for maximum light and air. Vertical blinds are also less likely to collect dust, because they stand vertically compared to horizontal. Keeping them working and functional is paramount to letting their charm and warmth fill your home.

Vertical blinds are often made of thick plastic. Common repairs needed for vertical blinds include replacing the vane hole with a vane saver, replacing valance clips, and replacing the tilt mechanism (wand). Our team of professionals can get your blinds working again, from help and replacement of brackets, valance clips and corners, career clips, control ends, fabric vane parts, lift cord and string, tassels, cord and chain tensioners, wands and want dips, and vertical blind headrails, tilt mechanisms, retainers and fasteners, and bead chains. We replace parts and string for blinds and shades, and take great pride in equipping our customers to do their own blind repair. We stop at nothing to get your blind functional.

Efficient service

In our modern society of 40-hour work weeks, everyone is busy; we realize this. Who really has the time or energy to spend fixing blinds? We strive to have our blind repairs in Edmonton, AB, and surrounding areas returned to you in a quick manner of 3 to 5 business days. All of our work is meticulously prepared and thoroughly researched. Everyone’s blinds are different, and we have years of experience in dealing with a variety of different repair needs. Vertical blinds, in particular, often need repair due to their greater movement than horizontal blinds. In all, there isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to maximizing your light and air flow in your home!

Results that lasts

Not only do we help repair your blinds, but we give you long-lasting results. You’re blind shouldn’t need more work, but if it does need repairs down the road, our service technicians pride themselves on giving you the necessary education to repair it. We work closely with everyone we help, creating close relationships with our community. We strive to reduce your stress for years to come!

Let’s be honest: Having a broken vertical blind can be downright annoying. At its worst, it can disrupt your workflow, productivity, and even your sleep. More than anything, at QUIKBLIND Service Centre, we give you peace of mind and let you carry on with your day with the knowledge that your blinds are available for use. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service on all of our blind repairs!

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